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wordpress update serviceWordPress websites are great…we could write for hours about why.  That’s not what we are writing about today…today we are writing about one of the downsides (perceived…perhaps incorrectly) to using WordPress.  Wordpress requires frequent updating.

We don’t actually see this as a downside per se.  It can be annoying, no doubt about it.  However we feel a lot more comfortable knowing our platform is always on the cutting edge and more importantly, always updating it’s own levels of security.  Being well and truly the most used website CMS on the planet, WordPress is targeted by hackers significantly more than other platforms.  It’s a comfort knowing that the development team at WordPress are constantly improving the platform in a hope to keep it great but also secure.  Unfortunately for the end user, not keeping up to date with WordPress is asking for trouble with hackers, so the updates are legitimately a very important part of running a website on WordPress.

It’s one of the most commonly voiced frustrations from business owners with WordPress websites.  They feel that every time they log in to their website admin panel, they are prompted to update WordPress.  Should the client not feel confident in doing it themselves, this can end up being a little bit costly, especially when the website features heavily customised plugins, themes and even core WordPress files.  When an update isn’t performed correctly, things can go wrong…and the clients beautiful website doesn’t work or look so nice all of a sudden.  The website development hours required to fix a problem like this can get very large, and therefore, very expensive.

WordPress Update Service Perth

Our team of WordPress developers know this frustration, so we ensure we build websites that are much easier to update than many of our counterparts.  We like to make it easier by only using the best WordPress themes and plugins, and minimising customised code where ever possible.  Even with our best efforts, many of our clients prefer to leave this task in our very capable hands, as such we offer a very affordable WordPress update service right here in Perth, WA.

We can perform our WordPress update service on a one off basis, or like many of our clients, you might prefer a tailored monthly package where we take the time to ensure your site is always up to date.  Either option is affordable, because we always tailor a package to your individual needs as every site is different.

If you’d like to know more, contact us today for a chat about how we might be able to help with WordPress updates.

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