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paperless office with a dmsWorking in the SEO industry means we come across a huge variety of awesome businesses across Perth and Australia.  We recently met Peter Ellyard from Ellyard Enterprises who specialises in Document Management Software.  We think we know about most software issues people face and how cloud products help businesses, but after a few chats with Peter, we realised just how big an issue paper and document management is for many small to medium businesses.

Having read the page on his website about paperless office software, and then discussing the topic further, we realised that despite cloud file sharing and storage systems being readily available, none of them truly met the features of a document management system.  They also don’t meet the needs of business where document availability, meta tagging and CRM like features are really important.

Fortunately in our business we don’t have a great need for DMS due to the digital nature of our industry and the use of Project Management Tools.  However we see huge benefits to SME’s looking to gain productivity, reduce frustration for staff and increase their ability to satisfy their customers.   Paperless offices using a DMS have client documents, project documents and all other documents right at their finger tips.  No walking to filing cabinets or asking a team member to email a file over.  Simply search by any number of search terms/methods and your file is there for you.

Going paperless also drastically reduces paper use and waste, reducing both office overheads and being generally good to the environment as a whole.  However, going paperless and reaping these benefits only works if you have the appropriate software to replace the previous filing systems.  No point saving money on paper if it takes your staff twice as long to find a document!

We’ve long been advocates of cloud based software for business and now having seen how impressive a document management system can be, we are also big advocates for going paperless using a DMS in just about any office where paper is still used.  There are numerous providers in the market place, but having met Peter and spoken with him at length on the topic, we couldn’t recommend them more!  If you have any questions, feel free to ask right here and we’ll try to get Peter to answer them for you.


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