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How To Backup WordPressBacking up your website is possibly the most important task you should be performing regularly…and not surprisingly is also one of the most forgotten tasks for business owners.  Thankfully there are a number of tools you can use to make it simple and automated.  Today’s article explains how to backup Wordpress using UpdraftPlus.

What Is UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus is arguably the easiest and most stable WordPress backup plugin available.  It’s available in both free and premium versions, however we use the premium version as it suits our needs better (migration tool being one key difference we require).

Once installed, Updraft offers a huge suite of features, most notably:

  • Local Backup Restore
  • Offsite Backup (Dropbox, Amazon, etc)
  • Vault Storage (1gb secure backup storage included)
  • Scheduled/Automated Backups
  • Encryption
  • Migration Tool

The tools themselves are great, but in our experience, the best feature of UpdraftPlus is it’s stability and reliability.  Other plugins just don’t offer anywhere near the reliability we’ve experienced to date.  This is reflected in it’s phenomenal review rating on the WordPress plugin repository too.

How To Backup WordPress Using UpdraftPlus

Backing up WordPress using UpdraftPlus couldn’t be easier.  It literally is as simple as clicking

1:  “Back Up Now”:

Wordpress Backups


2:  Selecting whether you wish to complete full backup or partial backup (often you may only require a database backup) then click “Back Up Now”:

How To Backup WordPress

3:  UpdraftPlus will then start the WordPress backup, showing you the progress in a handy progress bar:

Updraft Plus Backups

It really is as  simple as that!  The above is the process for a locally hosted/saved backup right within your existing website server.  The process isn’t hugely different for offsite backups (to your favourite cloud storage or FTP to another server), you simple have to set your preferred configuration up in the settings.

So before you go Updating WordPress without proper backups, do yourself a favour and install the UpdraftPlus backup plugin for WordPress and create a full backup of your website.

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