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Wordfence Security PluginWordPress is the worlds number one CMS platform by a country mile.  It’s simple to setup and use, and for that reason, is used by loads of non-developer website creators.  The prevalent use of WordPress and the fact that users are often very inexperienced, also means WordPress is target number one for hackers.  That’s why we love Wordfence Security for WordPress!

What Is Wordfence Security?

Wordfence is a security plugin for WordPress, which offers a huge suite of security tools including the below and much more:

  • Firewall
  • IP and Country Blocking
  • Malware scanning
  • Spam and Spamvertising Checks
  • File repair (Wordfence checks your files against known clean files in repositories)
  • Login monitoring

The plugin is free, but also offers a premium version for which you can sign up for around $5 a month.  For most, the free version is suffice but there are certainly occasions and specific sites where the premium version might be a better idea.

Why We Love Wordfence Security For WordPress

Websites can be hard to maintain at times, and often if you aren’t on top of things you can find your WordPress version and installed plugins are well overdue for updates.  This is a hackers delight, as old WordPress sites are often the most susceptible to hacking.

When we are asked to fix a site that has been hacked, one of the first things we do is install Wordfence and complete a high sensitivity scan of the sites files.  Within minutes we often have a nicely detailed list of files which Wordfence thinks might be compromised…which we then investigate and fix if required.  This literally saves HOURS AND HOURS of work.  Wordfence also informs you of required updates, which helps prevent a lot of hacking in the first place.

On top of the amazing malware scanning tool, the plugin also notifies you of suspect login attempts and even successful logins…which is great in the event someone has your credentials and has managed to login without you knowing.  This gives you a fighting chance of preventing said hacker from doing any damage.

We could write for hours about the huge list of security benefits Wordfence offers, but there is a particular feature we REALLY love that we can’t skip.

Wordfence Falcon Engine

No longer is Wordfence just a security plugin, it is now also our favourite caching plugin.  Wordfence Falcon Engine is an unbelievably easy server side caching tool they have built into their existing security plugin.  Having used numerous existing and well known caching plugins in the past, we were blown away by the ease in which we were able to enable server side caching and compression.  Websites using Wordfence Falcon Engine load significantly faster and score much higher on Google’s Page Speed Insights tests.  The hours we’ve wasted in the past trying to set up very complex caching and compression plugins are now a thing of the past.

If you didn’t already notice, we really love the Wordfence Security plugin for WordPress.  If you aren’t using it, give it a go and let us know what you think.  If you aren’t sure how, give us a bell as we are always here to help with all your WordPress website needs.


  • acil kredi says:

    Wordfance is good security plugin but my host has low CPU how to change CPU limit on wordfence?

    • E-Improvement Team says:

      Hi Acil,

      We’d recommend upgrading to a more suitable server. There are literally thousands of very affordable options that are setup perfectly for WordPress with Wordfence installed.

      Good luck!

  • Morgan says:

    I’ll give WordFence Security plugin a try. I used wp security scan and exploit scanner for my clients’ blogs. Those two plugins deliver what they promise. WordFence Security plugin you reviewed seems to be more sophisticated. I’ll use it for future projects. Thanks for the review.

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