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Have you noticed Google’s search engine results now contain more and more geographical or local results at the top of the results?  It’s a big shift and it’s changing the way Google directs visitors to websites based on their queries…which is why we wanted to discuss local SEO in Perth in this article.

What Are Local Results?

When we talk about local search results, we are talking about the search engine results Google displays when someone searches for a store or service in an specific area (ie: “Electrician in Perth”).  Interestingly, Google actually displays local results even if you don’t request a specific area search, which is further evidence of how much weight Google is giving local results these days.

We’ve taken a screen shot of a local search result to help explain what we mean.  Below we have a screenshot of a local search for a plumber…more specifically a plumber in Bibra Lake, WA.

local seo perth

As you can see, the results show the Sponsored Ad first (adwords), followed immediately by Google’s local results (the map with business locations listed).  Underneath the map, is a number of business directories (Yellowpages, True Local, etc etc).  For local results, where someone is searching for a service or store, these type of results are very much the new normal.

Below we have a non-local result, which many of you may be more familiar with.  This sort of result was the old normal, with no local results displayed (in this case, no local because we intentionally searched for online businesses so that we could display a non-local result).

Search Engine Results

Above, you see just your typical organic search results without any reference to local results or maps.  We obviously expected this given our search term, however we wanted to show how Google previously presented results prior to their emphasis on local search results.

What Is Local SEO in Perth

Local SEO in Perth is one of our areas of expertise.  We work on your website itself, your Google My Business page (absolutely critical!), relevant business directories and much more, in an effort to increase your business’s visibility in Google local search results.  Looking at the plumber search result above, you can see the emphasis Google gives it’s local results.  The local results sit in what has traditionally been the number one spot.  We know how important these tops spots are, so it makes sense to invest in local seo in Perth for your business.  It’s no longer a case of “can we afford to invest in local seo”…it’s now a case of “can we afford not to invest in local seo”.

Luckily we are massive SEO geeks, and love nothing more than completing local seo for businesses in Perth.  We get a great kick out of watching your business improve it’s online visibility and drive more leads and sales.  If you wish to know more about local search engine optimisation, contact us for a chat…it’s one of our favourite topics and something we are truly passionate about!

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