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visual composerAustralians love small business.  Some 97% of businesses in Western Australia are classified as small business (that is around 200 0000 businesses by the way!).  When we think of small business, we think smart operators, savvy entrepreneurs…but we also know it means strict cash flow management and tight marketing budgets.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise that as a website designer in Perth, we see loads of businesses who want amazing websites, but don’t have the budgets to keep their sites looking great with fresh content on an ongoing basis.

Updating pages on a website, that are full of HTML and inline CSS code (thats the gibberish you see when you try to edit a page) is an absolute nightmare for the small business operator.  The notion of paying website developer fees every time they want to make a tiny change to a webpage, or even add/create a basic web page, is a huge barrier to them achieving the quality website they desire.  They’ve invested a lot of money having a site designed and developed, only to be slugged over and over again in the future just to keep it looking good when they make small content changes.

Visual Composer

Enter Visual Composer!  We’ve been building a huge percentage of our new WordPress websites using this fantastic drag and drop page builder.  Our clients love it…I mean really love it.  Why do they love it you ask?

Visual Composer operates a lot like your typical drag and drop website providers you see on TV advertising (think Wix as an example), only this is for WordPress.  You get all the benefits and freedom of a standalone website developed on WordPress, with all the great drag and drop design features you’d expect from a page builder site service.

Additionally, Visual Composer is a mainstay in most of the very best WordPress themes on the market, meaning you get all the stunning design features of a premium theme, with all the amazing benefits of a drag and drop editor.  Rather than rattle off a heap of screenshots or make a video to show the benefits, we found this great video on Youtube which we think explains the benefits really well.

As you can see,  making changes to your beautiful website built with visual composer is now a breeze.  Your traditional website agency will be hating us for explaining this…it literally does away with very lucrative ongoing maintenance and development costs.  We prefer to be honest and transparent, and produce websites that the client loves.  One of the most satisfying elements of our work is seeing a small business operator take ownership of their site, promote it and have great success with their business online.

Building our sites with Visual Composer has been a huge part of why our clients stay with us, and have confidence in our ongoing services (SEO, Adwords, etc).  Having trust that the website developer is building the site with the business operator in mind, rather than ongoing revenue, is a huge part of why we win so much business through word of mouth.

If you’d like to know more about Visual Composer and how it might work for you, feel free to contact us for a chat.  We love what we do and love helping small business where ever possible.  After all, we are a small businesses right here in Perth, just like you!

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