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As the retail and business to business selling world gets increasingly competitive, your likely asking yourself, how can I not only compete, but get ahead of my competition and steal market share?  Where do I start?  How much is this going to cost?

It’s a daunting thought for a busy business owner, who is already managing the daily runnings off their small to medium business.  The answer many are looking to is selling online (e-commerce) – widely considered a threat by those not participating.  Creating an online prescence and therefore turning your business into a multi-channel business is actually surprisingly easy.  Doing it effectively and efficiently on the other hand is not!

Almost anyone can create an online store with any number of simple cloud hosting shopping carts, whether they can then efficiently manage the ongoing complexities that confront them is another matter.  How often do you see an SME create an online store, only to realise that inventory management and accounting management across both their traditional and online business cause headaches, and before you know it, the online store is neglected and rapidly becomes a poor representation of their actual business.  Previously the path to fixing these issues was both cumbersome and expensive (think towards $100k for live inventory and accounting sync).

Well things are changing…for the good.  Multi channel selling is now easier than ever, and more importantly, more affordable than ever.  We are actively creating online stores (predominantly built on Magento), linked on a live basis to a cloud hosted accounting system (preferably SAASU for their inventory management) and even Ebay and other online selling channels.  All share one inventory (think of the massive working capital savings there alone!), one accounting program, and can even use a Point of Sale system on the same live inventory.  Yes we know this has been done before…many a time…but we guarantee it wasn’t as affordable as it is now!

Taking this even further, we are currently working with a client to add cloud management of field technician jobs and invoicing.  The use of mobile tablets and cloud based apps is offering one of our clients a fully integrated in store, web and field servicing integration into one accounting program…all on a live basis.  The admin savings alone will be enormous…we’ll keep you posted on the outcomes!

For more info on how we can help with efficient multi-channel sales and business systems, contact us today!

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