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As you may have read in our earlier blogs, we are believers in taking a holistic view to online sales and marketing.  We recently took this to a new level for one of our clients, BloomsBoutique, by integrating their existing Magento online store with Ebay.  The features of this upgrade include live listing updates on product info changes (most common being inventory and price changes), integration of all sales from Ebay into the Magento backend, automated Ebay sales updates (on shipping update in Magento for example) and much more.

You might be asking how can I integrate Magento with Ebay…and more to the point, was it hideously expensive?  Well the answer is no, it is actually very cost affordable and effective, and we do this through the use of the M2E Pro Ebay Integration extension.  This extension is currently available for free thanks to an agreement between Ebay (who also own Magento) and M2E.  How long it remains free is an unknown, however while it’s available, why not take advantage of it.  The benefits of an integration between Magento and Ebay are potentially huge to most businesses.

Initial installation of the extension is much like any other Magento extension install via Magento Connect.  Setup of the product lists can take some time to learn, particularly if you use the advanced settings.  However, with a little help (simply contact us for more info), you can soon be selling your products from you Magento online store, on your Ebay store at the same time.  No more double entries…just one inventory, two stores (Magento and Ebay), one backend to manage (Magento).  It is a huge step forward for SME’s who are desparately trying to compete in the multi-channel world we now live in.

So your thinking this is amazing right?  Well picture this and you really get excited.  It is now feasible to have a bricks and mortar store using a live Point of Sale/Accounting integration with Magento, which also happens to have a live integration with Ebay.  That’s three sales channels, all sharing one inventory, all feeding their respective data into a cloud based accounting program.  Why think small when you can now think big!  Contact us today for more info!

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